Miles Toland

Miles is a Street Artist based out of Nevada City. He creates art and travels around the world.
Photo of Miles

Miles' Activity

Groundswell Art

Miles has been creating some BIG! pieces for his solo show at @groundswellart in Sacramento! Head down to see the opening reception on Aug 14th from 11am-9pm.

Nevada Theater

Miles is Nevada painting the Orion Constellation on the ceiling at the Nevada Theater. @__sarahcoleman has spear headed the new mural renovation and assembled an amazing crew to paint the sky!

Only Now Exists - Created in Paris, France

Miles attended the Underground Effect 2 in Paris, France and made this video about his experience.

The festival features many great street artists. The following artists can be seen in the video: Ella & Pitr, Peeta, Graciela Animalito, Julieta.XLF, Steve Locatelli, Sophie Wilkins Arts, Tretze, Hopare, Astro, Hombre SUK, L'Outsider, Boo Lee, & Macs.

The Underground Effect 2 festival is organised by The Mouarf and Issam Khemir of Projet Saato.

In addition to Miles' video below, this link is for a second vimeo video by WASAA provides some additional footage of both Miles' work plus other artists and performers.

Water is Life: Donation for Standing Rock

Miles painted "Water is Life" to support the protest at Standing Rock.

Miles was donating 100% of sale proceeds to to pay off a medical winter yurt that had been brought to aid the protestors at Standing Rock.

Portal by Miles Toland

Street Art Utopia have a page with several images of Portal.

The Beatles Ashram

Miles was invited to paint murals in the abandoned “Beatles Ashram” in Rishikesh, India.

Miles challenged himself to create a new mural a day for an entire week.

He then had a break for a day, before creating three further murals.

The Gate

Miles describes that The Gate is inspired by "...the passage of time, creating our own realities, and eclipses".

Miles goes on to say, "If you look close enough you can see the spectrum of light in each of the rays.".

The More You Can Hear

Miles says he's been moved by the Ram Dass quote, "The quieter you become, the more you can hear".

Miles made the art piece to honor the stillness and reflection he'd been experiencing.

The artwork was created in the Autumn of 2016.

Underground Effect 2 - #UE2 : jour2 - 6 artistes

Video footage from the Underground Effect 2 event from 2016. Six artists are shown with Miles appearing at 1 min 20 seconds.

Miles has breakfast with a champion

This is an photo from 2015 at Hanuman Temple.

The temple is located on a hill top near the banks of Tungabhadra River in Hampi, Karnataka.

The Liminal Project 2.0

This video is from the Lightning in a Bottle in 2018.

The festival occurs over a Memorial Day weekend and is packed with art, music and culture.

The video showcases the work of Miles Toland, Hans Walør, Leif Wold and Hybycozo.

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