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Miles Toland

Miles is a Street Artist based out of Nevada City. His murals and artwork can be found around the world.

Miles' schedule

Founding Artists Event

'Founding Artists' is a group exhibit of local and international artists, presented by A Space Inbetween at their venue in Sacramento, USA.

The 'Founding Artists' exhibition will be on display from November 11, 2021 to January 9, 2022, and will feature a number of creatives including the works of street artist Miles Toland.

Groundswell Art Opening Tonight

Miles is reflecting on the long journey with these paintings, some of which have been in progress for the past 4-5 years.

Tonight on 14 August, the paintings will be shown at the opening of Groundswell Art.

Groundswell Art at 2508 J Street in Sacramento

Please see the flyer below. Miles will be showing his BIG PAINTINGS, from 5-9pm on August 14th. The work will continue through August up until the end of September.

GroundSwell Show Flier Miles Toland

Strand by Strand by Strand - August 14th 5-9pm

A painting which is now showing at @groundswellart in Sacramento. You can see the full piece in person for the opening reception on August 14th from 5-9pm!.

Meet Miles at Mural Fest in Utah

Mayor Cherie Wood invites you to meet Miles Toland at a Meet and Greet on Saturday, May 15th.

Miles will be at South Lake's Creative Industries Zone creating street art in the open-air gallery.

This event has past, you can click the link to see more information about future events Mural Fest.

Immersed - Miles Toland and Miles Toland & Julian Vadas

A short video filmed in Nevada City as Miles and Julian prepared for their show "Immersed" which occurred around two years ago.

Miles Toland at CRUSH Walls in Colorado

Miles was sponsored by Visible, a Denver-based company to create a mural at Colorado's largest urban art event.

CRUSH WALLS has been a catalyst for creative expression and collective gatherings in Denver for 12 years, spotlighting local, national and international artists.

For more information on CRUSH WALLS click here, or the next link is for sponsor Visible.

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