Miles Toland

Miles is a Street Artist based out of Nevada City. His murals and artwork can be found around the world.

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The above image is © Miles Toland, used here with permission.

Miles signs a Limited Edition print

This first picture is of Miles signing a limited edition print called "Wildflower".

Miles was donating 50% of the profits to the National Bail Fund Network.

For more information on the fund network please see Community Justice Exchange - Directory of Community Bail Funds

Miles and Maggie

Miles with his partner Maggie.

Mural Fest in Salt Lake City

A photo of Miles creating organic clouds at Mural Fest.

Mural Fest is an outdoor art festival which takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Miles collaborates with Leif Wold

Miles and Leif Wold worked together on this acrylic on panel piece titled "As Within So Without".

At the time of posting, the art is on display and available at ILA Gallery in Denver, Collorado.

Maggie (@maggic.mirror) is in this painting.

Miles said @unfetteredadornment created "...the perfect fluorite earrings to fit the mood of this piece!

The Lotus Pond, Acrylic on Wood

This is a great example of artwork by Miles using acrylic on wood, created in 2019.

To see more of the Immersed collection, please see

In this instagram post Miles was celebrating Earth Day and he described his "...awe of the unique lifeforms and the interconnectivity of all the parts.".

Miles frequently works to support and encourage actions and activism towards good causes which include improving the best parts of earth.

Please click the post for his full message.

Full Wall Mural

It's incredible how Miles achieves a full wall art mural at such scale.

Miles writes "This mural was inspired by the loved ones we have lost to suicide, the survivors we are lucky to still have with us, and all of us who have struggled with depression or destructive thought patterns.".

Scroll through the images to see an aerial drone view.

Please click through on the post to see the story and message behind this piece titled “A New Dawn”.

Everhart Hotel Mural in Grass Valley, USA

Miles getting high - up on a crane - to do this massive wall mural. The project required significant planning and needed approval by the historical commission and a development review committee.

This mural is about mental health awareness and supporting those going through depression or having suicidal thoughts.

Miles thanked

Art Basel Miami

Not quite as high as the last post, Miles is on a ladder at Art Basel creating interdimensional art.

Miles is painting this native american portrait on day four of the event.

Miles acknowledged photographer Karin du Maire's contribution saying "Thank you @karindumaire for capturing the final touches of this piece! You did a great job documenting the potent energy of Wynwood!"

Trip to the Taj Mahal, India

Miles and Maggie at the Taj Mahal. In Agra, India.

A second picture from the Taj Mahal

Another picture of Maggie and Miles at the Taj Mahal, this time from Maggie's instagram account.

Maggie's instagram contains many great photos of art, dance and travels.

Check out @maggic.mirror

Street Art Lover post

This is street art by Miles in Miami, USA.

The photo comes via instagram account @catscoffeecreativity.

This post here is by @lovestreetart22, an English Twitter account covering street art and all things graffiti.